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2019 Annual Report

Information and communication

A compelling tag line


“Recycling is protecting” Our new tag line, the foundation of our new, simplified name, embodies our company project, gives substance to the involvement of our employees and demonstrates our primary collective goal: our industry’s excellence.


For us, recycling is understood in its broadest sense, i.e. redeploy, reuse, repair and produce new resources. In short, prolong the service life and use of old appliances and avoid the unnecessary use of new raw materials.


For us, protection is a priority.  In the first instance health and the environment via depollution, employee protection and the measuring of environmental impacts, material recycling of resources, repair, redeployment, reuse and eco-design, then employment and the social economy via the development of new competencies locally and strong partnerships, and finally overall good living conditions desired by all. This tag line, as we are aware, is extremely ambitious. However it pushes us to always be better and to strive to be as near as possible to what we consider perfection.

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