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2019 Annual Report

A mission-based company


2019 was a year packed with changes for ecosystem. In October 2019, following a unanimous decision taken at the Annual General Meeting, a mission of general public interest has been included in our status. This may seem obvious for a take-back scheme organisation but it is not so commonplace for 41 major companies to freely choose to widen their social purpose, to set down in stone their collective choice to work for the common good and to turn this pledge into tangible and measurable undertakings.

Our take-back scheme organisation has been founded on values of dialogue and goodwill and so when the French law (PACTE) provided a framework to do so, we chose to follow this path as early as summer 2018 with the a view to becoming a “mission-based company”, the most high/strong committed level recognised by the law.

Within ecosystem a feeling of urgency in mobilising our entire stakeholder environment is present at all levels so as to speed up the implementation of a project shared within the industry over the last 15 years, one that “has high added environmental and social value”. This capacity to be able mobilise on a large scale is part of the ecosystem’s ADN and it has always inspired us to be one step ahead of the major changes in our society.

In the future we would like to participate in prolonging a product’s service life.

The French law on Fighting Against Waste and on the Circular Economy legislatively expresses goals that we fully endorse. In the future we would like to participate in extend product’s service life by widening the industry’s business to areas that are new for us, in particular repair. With long, solid experience in redeployment and reuse, we are aiming for more stringency and efficiency in order to help assist and push forward stakeholders in these areas and to boost and widen our partnerships in the social and solidarity economy.

" We have made the choice of being observed, scrutinised and being transparent. In view of this we are going to create a “Reason for Being Committee” that will monitor the implementation of our main objectives so that we remain alert and do not lower our standards. For example in regards to depollution or recycled materials. This forum for dialogue, comprised of stakeholder representatives, is part and parcel of the continuity of our long-standing practices in consulting all stakeholders. In our view there is no other way for an operational take-back scheme organisation to share its goals, its projects and its difficulties.

After two years of in-depth work to redefine and rethink our mission, we feel ready to face, alongside all our stakeholders, the challenges of a society in the midst of questioning itself on issues that concern us and in keeping with the French law Against Waste and on the Circular Economy that supports our vision.


Alain Grimm-Hecker

CEO ecosystem