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2019 Annual Report

Redeployment and reuse

A spare parts sector with Envie


A pilot project on the collection and management of spare parts coming from redeployment (RSP) was implemented at 3 ENVIE ERG sites (Strasbourg, Lille and Nantes) under the coordination of the Federation Envie. The results of this pilot are encouraging and highlight the need to use an existing network and to federate operations at a national level. The implementation of a RSP business for electrical and electronic equipment will enable tested spare parts that are reliable and safe to use to be offered to consumers and professionals whilst minimising waste production.

Spare parts, sold at half the price of new parts, enable quotes that are currently rejected to be lowered, either because repairing the item is too expensive or because new appliances have a value that is too low. The revenue of such a sector is estimated at €500K to €1 M.

This project satisfies three main challenges:

  • The optimisation of reuse preparation processes (disassembly of spare parts, working order tests, referencing of working parts, etc.);
  • The development of a repair business (determination of sales price, storage, client order management, shipment, invoicing, etc.);
  • The implementation of a structured sector selling spare parts for redeployment (communication of indicators such as revenue, the number of orders shipped, average cost, number of returns per months, etc.)

This project links to CENELEC’s European standardisation works on preparing WEEE for reuse (standardisation project EN50614).

It focuses on three central areas:

  • A guarantee on second hand parts (safety and reliability)
  • Operator responsibility
  • Consumer information