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2019 Annual Report

Household WEEE collection by retailers

Key figures

tonnes collected by retailers
collection points in operation by retailers

Profile of store brand partners

*This breakdown has been calculated using ecosystem tonnages.

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Quantity collected per stream

Local authorities collected 122,959 tonnes of household WEEE.

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Number of collection points and amounts collected per type of retailer


Large food stores


11,973 1,679
Specialised supermarkets


89,463 1,607
Independents (under a store name)


11,932 844
Building industry wholesalers and shops


1,340 217
Mail/internet order


4,609 68
Other independents (building trade, kitchen designers/fitters, mobile telephone, etc.)


3,633 952

Density of operational recycling facilities

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A new identity under the name of ecosystem: successfully rolled out to shops!

Resulting from the merger of Eco-systèmes and Récylum in January 2018, this take-back scheme operator, initially called ESR, was renamed ecosystem last October. Following this a major updating operation of our collection solutions was carried out rolling out the colours of our new identify to all partner shops thereby recreating a dynamism and better visibility for our clients.

This operation consisted in updating 7,400 collection points fitted with “Lumibox” bulb and “Tubibox” tube collection boxes and nearly 6,000 collection units throughout France.

In order to achieve the objective of upgrading all collection methods before March 2020 and to assist as best as possible its partners with these changes, ecosystem doubled its operational staff.  

At the end of February 2020, in-store roll-out was finished!

Today, all of ecosystem’s partner shops involved in this roll-out operation have a uniform and functional self-service recycling space for their customers.  It should be noted that 1,840 collection points received at least one new unit when it was necessary, i.e. nearly 40% of sales points fitted with an ecosystem collection unit.  All the former signs from the collection units will be recycled by our service providers through either material or energy recovery solutions.

This same roll-out operation is also planned for the French overseas territories during 2020.

From this battery of refurbishment collection solutions, ecosystem’s next objective is to improve customer experience in recycling sections. The aim is to ensure that the service provided to its retail partners is optimal by remaining attentive to developments in the format of their sales points and by doing so to encourage even more recycling in shops.