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2019 Annual Report

B to B Communication

B to B communication serving professionals

Whether household and professional WEEE businesses, lamps or small fire extinguisher businesses, ecosystem’s BtoB communication assists internal teams in their initiatives in order to support strategic projects by:

  • Producers: marketing and retaining members
  • Collection partnerships: customer search, development and implementation of new collection points, team training and client awareness-raising;
  • Parties with WEEE: awareness-raising in recycling and collection operations development.

To do this, different communication drivers were activated in 2019: communication of printed material, varied on-line content and digital campaigns, publication of trade magazines and presence at trade fairs.

Finding new professional WEEE members and retaining them

With the challenge of finding new members for this industry being strong, updating customer search tools for the development team was made a priority in 2019. A sales brochure and a Power Point presentation provide sales pitch content to persuade companies about why it is of interest to join our take-back scheme organisation, as well as providing a new service offering to meet the administrative and operational requirements of producers affected by the collection and recycling of their products.

ecosystem’s 1,685 professional WEEE members have a privileged access to this communications kit, updated  in 2019 (graphics and vocabulary information, poster, personalised Power Point presentations, etc.) to be able to train their employees and promote their commitment in recycling their products. All elements are available in a regularly updated on-line catalogue and can be downloaded.

Assisting public retailing partners in managing their recycling sections and raising the awareness of their customers

General public retail shops collect lamps and household WEEE in recycling bins made available to their customers present in stores, and may also have professional WEEE that they themselves have used and that they collect in separate bins, not visible to the general public. To train employees handling on-site waste a practical guide helps them to understand how the recycling industry works and the implementation of collection methods for the various streams, were established in 2019.

Promote our services to those holding used equipment in order to increase collection

Those with electrical equipment, lamps and small fire extinguishers are extremely varied and diffuse. This is why in 2019 communication initiatives focused on identified priority targets according to the businesses: fitters and maintenance companies, electricians for professional WEEE and specialised businesses in fire hazards dealing in small fire extinguishers.

Targeted press ads were published in trade magazines (Lux, Lumières, J3Ej Batimétiers, Smart Home Electricien, trade federations reviews) in addition to our presence at specialised trade fairs (CAPEB, SIDEC Sonepar, Rexel, Uship Central, Preventica).

A practical guide giving details on how to manage and organise the collection of electrical equipment was created for use by the internal collection development team with a cross-disciplinary approach in order to be sent to a maximum number of profiles of those having waste.

In order to ensure a presence in the field in 2019, the company TechSell carried out on behalf of ecosystem, 4114 visits to fitters (1,351), professional retailers (1,689) and end users (1,074). The purpose of these visits is to recruit, boost and retain collection partners by contributing to their overall satisfaction.

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