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2019 Annual Report

These bulbs that are in the way!

weeks of campaigning in the 1st semester + 5 weeks in the 2nd
More than
million messages on the web

Whether on the radio, the TV or on the web, there were more than 608,405,406 occasions to see or hear a message raising awareness on bulb recycling. It has been impossible to ignore these and for those allergic to the media, ecosystem, visited 11 towns to ensure that information had been received and understood.

The highlight of the year: the new TV campaign programmed from 11 October to 10 November. The creative idea on the theme of bulbs that clutter our households was received by viewers. 94% declared that they ‘understood that they could dispose of used bulbs in recycling bins in shops” (source: Ifop Nov 2019).

Raising awareness in bulb recycling in the field

In addition to the TV campaign ecosystem launched a road-show from October to November 2019 in 10 towns to meet the public. Objective: raise awareness in bulb recycling.

With giant bulbs stuck in strange places, bulbs-shaped taxis and persons dressed in yellow it was difficult to ignore the awareness-raising measures deployed in town centres and shopping malls. The proof is in the 44,000 people whose attention was drawn to recycling during 20 days of events over 5 weeks. Even if overall the public positively received the event, the best welcome came from the town of Dunkirk according to the 12 facilitators.

Local awareness-raising continued online thanks to the social networks via a dedicated hastag #recyclercestproteger, local Facebooks groups and partners with influencers who enabled awareness raising to continue through the social networks:

  • Around thirty influencers, representing a total community of 810,000 subscribers
  • 28 posts, 57 stories
  • 914,000 impressions

There was no lack of press coverage either with 44 press articles.

The road-show finished in Lyon on the 29 and 30 November, before the Fête des Lumières (Light Festival) in which ecosystem has been a partner over the last 10 years.  At this occasion tuk-tuks and tote bags carried the colours of this town’s flagship event.


Click on the picture to see the video.

“Le Défi” (The Challenge): 2019, a key year for bulb recycling awareness-raising

© Miguel Duvivier


For the 7th consecutive edition, 1st year primary classes to the first year of secondary school classes were able to participate in The Challenge,a free recycling awareness-raising project organised by ecosystem.