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2019 Annual Report

The ecosystem team

ecosystem unites men and women who are enthusiastic and committed to developing a recycling industry that is continually more virtuous and serves the public interest. Our employees develop solutions on a daily basis in order to meet environmental, economic and human challenges currently faced by our society.



Key figures

business categories
% women

Our responsible company

ecosystem makes it a point of honour that each employee identifies with the company’s vision and project. This is why these are the result of discussions and debates held with both employees and stakeholders. In order to meet requirements to which we are subject, it is essential to unite the collective that ecosystem teams represent (regional and corporate) around shared ethical missions and values.

Employee breakdown and profiles

More than half of our employees are women. With an overall score of 90/100 in the Women-Men equality index, ecosystem affirms its commitment in regards equal opportunities.  It will continue promoting its policy, in terms of both recruitment and working relations.


In 2019, ecosystem’s workforce comprises 55.8% women and 44.2% of men.

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ecosystem has more than 70 businesses and 138 employees

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In 2019 more than 91% of employees had an open-ended employment

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Labour relations

Several company initiatives were created in 2019 following discussions bringing together management and personnel representatives. To promote these, several working groups were created comprising personnel representatives and management on the following themes: distance working charter, IT charter, annual negotiations, implementation of the economic and social database agreement on profit-sharing schemes, good disconnection practices, work life quality and an internal survey.


Training policy and initiatives

Long-term employee development is at the heart of our priorities. In 2019, we invested in training for developing, maintaining and valuing employee skills, for an amount representing 1.6% of the payroll*. Thereby this accounted for 1,630 hours of training and 3 long training courses awarding certification.

*exclu. salaries.

Work life quality

ecosystem is particularly mindful to employee working life. This is why employees work in WELL platinum-certified high environmental quality premises. Respecting privacy and listening to our employees contribute to work life quality.

During the 16th Work Life Quality Week that took place from 17-21 June employees were given the opportunity to participate in convivial workshops on the following: introduction to yoga, fruit bar, “Managing stress and feelings” workshop, the “Disconnect and switch your mobile phones off” challenge, etc.

SHREC, a group of engaged employees

Only after a year of existence SHREC (Harmonious, Responsible and Environmental Solutions in the Work Place) widely contributed to improving the work life quality of ecosystem employees. Created at their initiative, the group implemented the following:

  • Free access to organic/fair trade certified tea and coffee available to as all employees.
  • The implementation of zero-waste referenced tray meals.
  • New signposting for sorting bins in the 4th floor cafeteria in order to limit sorting errors to a maximum and respond to questions asked about the bins.
  • Raise awareness on switching off lights and electronic devices.
  • Various workshops (zero waste practices, games on the different labels that exist and what they mean, bike DIY and repair, etc.).