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2019 Annual Report

Thank you!

In 2019 ecosystem chose a new tag line “recycling, is protecting”. This is a strong commitment. By recycling, we intend to lengthen the service life of electrical and electronic equipment, i.e., repair, reuse and finally convert this into new secondary raw materials without harming health and environment and by meeting manufacturer requirements for their new products.


To protect health also means taking part in our difficult moments such as the one being experienced today with the COVID-19 crisis that is not over yet. Protecting health is, of course, protecting ecosystem’s 135 employees but it also means assisting all our operational stakeholders who face these challenges in the field. These stakeholders are people who work with the general public in shops or municipal recycling facilities, who load, unload and drive trucks full of used equipment from all sources, people who treat, recycle and return this equipment to working order in our specialised industrial centres or in redeployment/reuse workshops. Not to mention their managers, the decision-makers who are often our point of contact.


To all of you I express a heartfelt thank you for all the work that we have accomplished over the last few weeks. Work that has enabled us to collectively resume our business quickly and hopefully return to a normal situation very soon. I have not forgotten the producers, who have also experienced their own difficulties and whom we need in order to fund and sustain this industry for which they have a responsibility, nor the social and solidarity economy hit hard by this crisis but which continues to fight for the development of reuse.


This period has allowed us to once again check that it is indeed collective work that enables us to find solutions. Every Monday for several weeks distance meetings were held with nearly thirty stakeholder representatives.  We exchanged information, made suggestions and took decisions. And it worked.


We are therefore going to continue down this path with the permanent objective of not sacrificing quality for the sake of quantity because we must deliver both. Our company’s social and environment accountability is at the heart of our business.


In 2019 we developed new environmental indicators to check that the benefits of our activities far outweigh our (negative) impacts. This management tool guides all our operational decisions and allows us to identify priorities and urgent matters in terms of protecting resources, the environment and health. So our tag line is not just a slogan but also a tangible and measurable commitment.


A lot remains to be achieved but together we are making progress. Thank you all for your outstanding involvement that has already made our business a recycling model built on collective energy.

Christian Brabant

CEO, ecosystem


Our company’s social and environment accountability is at the heart of our business.

Christian Brabant

CEO ecosystem