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2019 Annual Report

Waste recovered from the construction industry with DÉMOCLÈS



In France the construction industry produces 46 million tonnes of waste, the majority of which comes for demolition and refurbishment operations (42 million tonnes). Amongst this waste, it is estimated that 11 million tonnes of non-structural construction waste (non-hazardous non-inert waste) are produced, the current recovery rate of which is estimated at only 30%. Inert waste represents 31 million tonnes and is, overall, better recovered/recycled (in particular thanks to the production of recycled aggregates).


This is where the DÉMOCLÈS project originated from, that can be described today as a stakeholder collaborative platform. To move towards a circular economy for non-structural construction waste it was necessary for the different stakeholders concerned to hold discussions because:

  • operating in silo mode is not conducive to the development of a circular economy,
  • In order to change practices the involvement of all stakeholders concerned in the demolition and refurbishment of buildings is required.


Today, DEMOCLES brings together: the project owner, the project supervisor, works companies, waste management operators and industrials driven by one goal, that of recovering/recycling non-construction waste rather than disposing of it.