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2019 Annual Report

Logistics and treatment

In 2019 a vast project was started to merge the logistical and treatment organisations in the different sectors. Purpose: to optimise and pool all the technical resources of ecosystem’s operational system.



Key figures

service-provider treatment centres
avoid emissions of tonnes CO2


The OPERA project was launched at the end of 2018 in order to streamline ecosystem’s operational processes and to incorporate them into a single information system (IS), with SAP, by offering our partners a comprehensive logistical service offering consistent with the four sectors (defined in the SOLEERE project).


This aim is based on the redefinition of an overall logistical and treatment organisation with the implementation of new contracts at the beginning of 2022 (this implementation was initially planned in March 2021 but was postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis).


All our teams are mobilised in order to build together what will become tomorrow’s operational processes by taking today’s best practices and by anticipating our future developments, whilst drawing on the vision of our operators and various partners.


In 2019 a streamlined logistical processes target and an optimised logistical master plan were defined by pooling waste collection operations of the four sectors.


In 2020 we are continuing to scope treatment processes, preparing calls for tender the invitation of which will be launched in 2021 and we are starting to work on the IT development of solutions.


The SOLEERE project was launched in February 2019 following the merger between two take-back scheme operators, Eco-systèmes and Recylum in order to streamline the “Collection” offering for all four sectors (household WEEE, lamps, professional WEEE and small fire extinguishers).

The purpose of SOLEERE is to make the solutions offered by ecosystem more accessible and simpler for all collection partners, members and professional or private individuals with WEEE. Its aim is to offer a recast of collection measures suitable for all parties concerned.

The project,has been designed with several phases for implementation by 2021. In 2019, the project team redefined the logistical offering by taking into account collection methods, the collection point network management process as well as the running of these points. The team also established a road map in order to optimise the different collection solutions and innovate.

In 2020 in respect to all our partners, the team will continue to build the Collection Experience stewardship offered by ecosystem (improvement of our partner’s experience) and the optimisation and innovation of solutions in order to support the development of collection”.


A control policy to guarantee recycling quality

Following the merger of Eco-systèmes and Recylum in 2018, the procedures for each take-back scheme operator were reworked in order to standardise practices. A project was launched to define and implement a sole operator control policy for ecosystem regardless of the area of activity and the type of operator. 5 principles, the basis of ecosystem’s control policy, were established.