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2019 Annual Report

Communicating to the general public

Exceptional means to reach out to the French public

weeks of media presence (TV, radio, cinema, digital)
% mean campaign approval score

5 hosts from France Télévisions are involved to explain why recycling is protecting

One voice on the web and social networks

Facebook followers
tweets published
posts reached out to
Instagram stories



During the night of 29 to 30 October there was a new arrival on the web: the site. Aimed at both the general public and professionals, this new site gathers together all the information and services offered by ecosystem. With 2.5 million visitors in 2019, the web site remains the first point of contact with the take-back scheme operator and this is why search engine technologies are at the heart of its design. The referencing capacity in main web search engines, just like in content search engines integrated in the site, allow information to be widely communicated.

A forum for all

Present on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, ecosystem explores the potential of social networks on a daily basis. As an information tool but above all a forum for discussion, particular attention is paid to monitoring communities/ For example, on Facebook, 226 posts have been published and more than 3 million videos viewed. The main indicator of the vibrancy of our community, the level of commitment, i.e. the calculation of all interactions (likes, comments, shares) obtains a high score of 5.72%.

A forum for professionals too

2019 is also a year marking the development of our presence on LinkedIn. Making our businesses known, embodying our expertise, presenting our environmental stakes are all topics that have been the subject of numerous publications and videos.  And this is only the beginning for ecosystem!

Neighbourhood solidarity collection operations 2019, a vintage year!

neighbourhood solidarity collection events in densely populated urban zones
people returned appliances enabling 459 tonnes of appliances to be collected
is the record number of people returning appliances in Vincennes on 7/11/2019

In 2019 solidarity collection operations changed their look in order to be even more visible!

Since 2013, year after year, neighbourhood solidarity collection operations have become a part of life for inhabitants in 66 towns and districts benefiting from this operation. In 2019, 10 new towns joined this initiative.

Very popular again this year, performance figures are excellent, with an average weight of 1,087kg per collection.

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